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Global Colour / New Growth from - $120
Global Colour / Long from - $160
Global Colour and Foils from - $180
Ombre Colour from - $150
Balayage from - $185
Partial Colour or Foils from - $60
Half Head of Foils from - $150
Full Head of Foils from - $180

Whether you’re looking for a completely new look or just want to breathe life into your current colour, let our trained and experienced team apply the right hair colouring technique to create a blended, soft, rich colour to suit your eye colour, skin tone and lifestyle needs.

We only use organic colour at Peter Salter Hair Design!

So say hello to De Lorenzo . . .
De Lorenzo has always had an ethical approach to hair care. Their mission is our mission! To provide our clients with the best quality, natural based hair care, manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.

  • No animal testing

  • Vegan certified plant-based Ingredients

  • Environmentally sustainable

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